Bridging the Gaps works towards a world where sex workers, people who use drugs and LGBT people can enjoy their human rights and access quality HIV prevention, treatment and care.

Who Is Aidan?

Aidan Kinsella is a practitioner of Network Spinal Analysis, a chiropractic technique which addresses the whole human system through the spine. Listen to her clients describe her unique skills as a healer.

Blue Dragon

Blue Dragon helps to rescue and rehabilitate victims of sex trafficking in Vietnam. This is a retelling of one victim's story that was saved by Blue Dragon.

Who Are The Women Of Lung Tam?

Action For Lung Tam is a project to help the Women's Textile Cooperative in Lung Tam, Vietnam co-create a new space so their business can grow and help empower more rural women in northern Vietnam.

KOTO Ambassador: Binh

KOTO trains young people in Vietnam who come from difficult circumstances to become professional chefs and work at high end restaurants, providing a stable career path for them. This is the story of Binh, the KOTO Ambassador for 2017.

Art of Hosting Karlskrona: The Call

This is the call for the Art of Hosting Training in Karlskrona for 2018. Members of the organizing team explain the calling question and what it means to them, and invite participants to join.

Learning Space

Learning Space is a small private English school near Hanoi, Vietnam that focuses on creative learning to inspire and connect with the students.

Mundekulla: Autumn Reflection

Stephanie, a staff member at Mundekulla retreat center in Sweden, shares her reflections on why she has chosen to work at Mundekulla and how she would like to see it grow in the future.